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About Bay Harbor

"My goal was to leave a legacy that would make my daughter proud."

After years as a successful developer in Bloomfield Hills, I wanted a high-impact development benefiting all of Michigan.  The answer lay in the scarred remains of an abandoned cement plant.  While most would believe it not worth the risk, I saw what could be, not what was.  Because I buy land using the "flutter" method (when land makes my heart pound out of my chest, I buy it), I was willing to take the chance.

So I shared my dream.  I created strategic alliances with those having a similar interest in cleaning up the area: environmental groups, government agencies, and citizens.  As these groups came together, the harmony among us generated an unprecedented momentum which came to be known as "Bay Harbor Time."  Once people saw this, they realized that the largest land reclamation in North America would succeed.

Our first priority was a commitment to excellence; offering a full range of activities for our owners while participating actively in the larger community.  I am especially proud of our philanthropic commitment, which our more than 575 Bay Harbor property owners embraced to ensure a lasting impact in the area by supporting over 100 charitable organizations.

It is a wonderful feeling to know you have left the world a better place; what once was a scar upon the land is now a thriving community.

I am honored to have been part of the team that made it all happen."

                                                                 - David V. Johnson, Chairman

The Bay Harbor Philosophy


"There is no question, if we had to choose again to live anywhere in the United States, we would pick Bay Harbor."
Ross Roberts Homeowner