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Bay Harbor Equestrian Center

2014 Maryal Barnett Clinics

Maryal Barnett is a USEF S and FEI C Judge and a Canadian Senior Dressage Judge. Maryal was appointed instructor and senior official for the USDF Judges Training Program. She is a full-time dressage instructor and trainer working out of Nottingham Equestrian Center (of which she is a part owner) in East Lansing, Michigan.  She has students throughout the state of Michigan and gives regular clinics in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Missouri and Wisconsin.  Many of Maryal’s students have earned local and national awards and are USEF Judges themselves.

Dates for Maryal Clinics are as follows:
June 10-11
July 8-9
August 12-13 
September 9-10 
October 7-8 
November 11-12 
December 9-10

2014 Dressage Schooling Shows
June 11
July 9
August 13

Join us for the Dressage Schooling Shows, which are lined up to coordinate with Maryal Barnett Clinics on June 11, July 9 and August 13.  All shows begin at 4pm. This year, during the shows we will also be offering Western Dressage Classes. 

The Dressage Entry Form can be downloaded here. All entries must be in by the Tuesday before the show date.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  All class fees must be paid when entry form is sent in. For more information contact the Center at 231.439.7100.

Summer Pony Camps

Pony Camp is an introduction to horse care and basic riding skills.  Activities include grooming horses, learning the equipment, anatomy of the horse, basic horse care and riding.

The camps are for children 6 years old and up and are each 4 days long. Held Wednesdays thru Saturdays from 1:00pm - 4:00pm throughout the summer.

Dates for the 2013 Pony Camps are as follows:
June 25 - 28 (Sold Out)
July 16 - 19 - (Only 3 spots left)
August 6 - 9

Please contact the barn to reserve your spot as they fill up quickly at 231.439.7100.

Stepping Stones Dressage Show
August 2

Stepping Stones Dressage was created for riders as a means to practice for “Stepping-Up” to bigger Horse Shows.  For more information, please contact the barn at 231.439.7100.


Buster McLaury Clinics
September 26 - 29

Buster McLaury will be holding clinics in both Colt Starting/Problem Solving as well as Horsemanship 2 at the Bay Harbor Equestrian Center in September. Buster’s philosophy of horse training is communication - learning to talk “horse” to the horse. The Problem Solving Clinic will spend time understanding the horses needs so the human can do a better job of understanding, supporting and helping the horse. Horsemanship 2 is designed to help achieve a higher level of increased harmony with your horse by understanding simple, yet precise exercises.

The classes are half days and are four days long. 

9am: Colt Starting/Problem Solving - This class is for horses that have not been started under saddle or for older horses that are having trouble understanding what is being asked of them, which causes trouble for the human.  The class lays the foundation for whatever is coming in the future.

Noon - 1pm:  Lunch Break

1pm:  Horsemanship 2 - This class is designed to help achieve a higher level of communication between horse and rider.  It emphasizes the rider's awareness of what the horse needs to do with his feet and balance in order to do certain jobs, and really laying the groundwork for some really fancy things for you and your horse.

Register for one or both of the Buster McLaury Clinics by calling the barn at 231.439.7100.


Leadership Has Gone to the Horses - HorsePlay

A unique experience that expands human potential for organizations and personal enrichment.  Brings a new dimension of power, wonder, beauty and freedom to our lives.  Enjoy nature and open spaces and learn with magnificent horses! 

Customized content including leader/team development, interpersonal relations, communication skills and more!

The amazing Bay Harbor Equestrian Center is a great location for our clients which include associations, colleges, manufacturers, healthcare, non-profits, schools, families, individuals and more!

For more information, please go to the HorsePlay website here.

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