Buck Brannaman Clinics

September 8, 2017 9:00 AM to September 10, 2017 3:00 PM

Buck Brannaman's ability to work with a horse's nature to communicate, train and develop a horse and its rider makes him one of the most trusted and respected equine trainers alive.

Classes: Horsemanship 1 (9:00 AM), Cow Working (1:30 PM)

Venue: Emmet County Fair, 1129 Charlevoix Ave. Petoskey, MI 49770


Horsemanship 1

For the green horse and rider already comfortable in the snaffle bit along with aged horses needing continued work. This is the first stage of progressing into the bridle with all basic movements introduced. All levels of riders - no matter what discipline - will benefit. The class features strictly dry work - no cattle. All maneuvers stress the vaquero style of riding and are appropriate for horses from first level snaffle to experienced bridle horses. Hackamore horses welcome.

Cow Working

Limited to 12 riders, cow working is for the experienced rider who wishes to expose a green horse to cattle work or to help work further with horses already started on cattle. 
Tracking, sorting and cutting are worked on with the intent of introducing or refining work with stock for the purpose of ranch work. Calmness and precision are stressed as Buck’s Cow Working classes are designed with the working stockman in mind.

No preregistration for auditors. $30 a day, cash or check. Plenty of room for auditors. Spectators should bring their own chairs.

For more information visit: www.brannaman.com/bbclinics.html